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Apocryphal Pictures' women-led team creates and develops content for film, television and multimedia by bringing a powerful package of diversity and expertise.

Our stories stem from and are impacted by the diverse backgrounds and disciplines of our creators and collaborators, producing poignant and particular stories. 


Our creative cauldron bubbles with a full slate of live action and animated features and series spanning a spectrum of genres, including satire, drama, absurdism, comedy, horror, sci-fi, cli-fi, westerns, historical fiction, political drama and thoughtful content for children. 



40+ live action features
5+ animation features
15+ children's/family full features
5+ live action series
5+ animation series
5+ children's/family series

plus many more to come!

Our creative cauldron is bubbling with movie magic:

If you are interested in reviewing our slate of content for sale and/or licensing, please contact us!

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