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A dynamic and badass female team who’ve got the sauce.

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Alexandra Arneri CEO & Co-founder

Alexandra was vociferously writing stories, plays and poems as a kid and still has a passion for creating and developing stories that speak truth to power. Alexandra is a Partner at Cittone Demers & Arneri LLP where she practices commercial litigation and is outside general counsel to media and technology companies. 

Alexandra has a dedicated pro bono human rights practice, spanning asylum, forced labor, war crimes and other violations of human rights. Alexandra is a dedicated advocate of human rights, equity and planetary health. She produces and presents the Gravity podcast that covers topics at the intersection of human rights and planetary health and writes an attendant blog providing cultural and legal analysis on related issues. 

Alexandra is the President of the Global Witness Foundation, the US entity of Global Witness, an international nonprofit dedicated to investigating and exposing the nexus between corruption, conflict, environmental abuse and human rights violations and advocating for protections against these violations. Alexandra is co-founder and director of May Kids Transform, a nonprofit building emotional resilience in youth through a curriculum of mindfulness, art and yoga. Alexandra has an MPA from Harvard, an LLM concentrated in international law from NYU Law School and a BA/LLB from Sydney University.

Kim Bromley Content Adviser and Co-Founder

Her career as a Visual Effects Producer for Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) spanned the decade of transition from analog to digital and saw the advent of animation development at ILM. During that time, Kim moved into story development where she honed her love of writing and pitching. Kim’s worked on numerous household-name films, including Willow and Hook and was the Visual Effects Producer on Saving Private Ryan, Galaxy Quest and Twister. Kim has a B.A. in Theater Arts from Northeastern University and an M.A. in Film Production from Stanford University. 


Kim currently writes stage plays, directs live theater and acts when she gets a coveted role. Her fascination with new mediums and her desire to get her favorite stories out into the world prompted her to team up with Delia Gosman and Alexandra Arneri to form Apocryphal Pictures.

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Delia Gosman Creative Director & Co-founder

Delia is a Storyboard Artist, 2d and 3d Animator, Animation Director, Designer, Development Artist and Screenwriter. She’s a creative, innovative professional with experience at Warner Bros, ILM, Lucasfilm, Disney, Sony, Blindwink and many others.


An expert visualist, dynamic storyteller, animator and concept artist, fluent in theatrical 2D & 3D animation and storyboarding. Delia’s work includes Rango (with individual Annie nomination for storyboard art) Storks, Smallfoot, Mary Poppins Returns, S.C.O.O.B. and SpaceJam 2.

With the advent of Apocryphal Pictures, Delia hopes to bring her original animated and live action screenplays to life.



We've partnered with these inspiring and illuminating artists and visionaries.

Leah Anton

With a background in traditional fine arts, (drawing, painting and photography) Leah discovered computer graphics in its infancy and was hired based on her ability to draw. Her career has spanned from Broadcast Graphics/Design, Art Direction and Commercial Post Production, to Visual Effects for feature films. 


Meanwhile, she took up screenwriting and applied her crafts to independent film projects. Gradually her life moved full circle as she has recently placed more emphasis on traditional mediums. Leah exhibits her fine art photography and is a contributor to Houzz magazine. "I do my best writing while mushing about in clay and drawing. There is something so powerful and dynamic about a pencil and a piece of paper."

Demo reel at:

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Olivia Biffot

Olivia is a French - Gabonese screenwriter, actress, director and comedian based in L.A. After getting an M.A. in Governance and Public Policy, she dedicated herself to her passion: storytelling. Olivia has acted in numerous films and TV shows, including for children – including Sesame Street Workshop.


Olivia’s screenwriting credits involve popular comedy TV shows in Africa including seasons 4, 5 and 6 of the African “Black-ish”: “Parents Mode D'emploi, Afrique”, broadcasted on TV5 World and season 2 of “Kongossa Telecom” broadcasted on Canal + in Africa. Her latest project is the TV Show “Mami Wata '', a Canal + original sci-fi thriller coming out in October 2021, in which she wrote episodes 3 and 4. Olivia also stars as the lead actress in the series. Olivia’s script “Akunga” was a finalist of the 2020 Sundance Development Track and the 2020 Diverse Voices Lab.


Scott Camera-Smith

Scott spent the earliest portion of his career with cameras, visual and special effects and computer imaging, working on such films as Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 & 3 and Transformers. Scott shares an Academy Award with his ILM visual effects team for their work on Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest (2006 - Gore Verbinski). 

Most recently, Scott has jumped into the animation world, taking his experience in creative processes, technology and CG imagery creation, to work as a VFX Supervisor for animated features. 

In 2016 Scott celebrated the acquisition of his entertainment-based technology company, Creature Art & Mechanics (CAMd). Presently, Scott is producing and supervising animation, visual effects and realtime projects along with leading development on two animated features and a live action feature film highlighting the latest in ground-breaking technology. He is collaborating with AP on multiple feature and live action projects both feature length and serial television.

Photo: Mikaela Lungulov

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Randy Gaul

In 1998, Randy Gaul joined Industrial Light & Magic as a concept designer. Prior to joining ILM, he worked for seven years as a freelance storyboard and concept artist for such companies as Wild Brain, MTV and Disney, specializing in creature and character designs as well as environments, costumes and props.


Since joining ILM, Gaul has lent his visual eye and creative hands to such productions as Despicable Me, Rio, Peabody and Sherman, Madagascar 3, Penguins of Madagascar, Cicada Princess, Legend of Tembo, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, The Mummy Returns, Star Wars:Episode II “Attack of the Clones” and many more. He graduated from the Pratt Institute with a B.F.A in Illustration and minors in drawing and printmaking.

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Dominick Jerry

Dominick VeSean Jerry is a writer, an educator, a radio personality and the founder of Fog City Wrestling, the two-time Best of the Bay winner for Best Nightlife. Dom wields the same passion and enthusiasm he had for bringing pro wrestling back to San Francisco in his writing.


From superheroes to historical underdogs Dom creates vivid, thought provoking stories and characters that will stay with you long after you’ve been introduced. Apocryphal Pictures is excited to collaborate with Dom and we look forward to sharing that work with interested producers.

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Adrik Kemp

Adrik Kemp is an accomplished author, lyricist and screenwriter. He has a BA Communications in Screenwriting and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Technology, Sydney. His screenplays have been shortlisted for Project Greenlight Australia and pitched to markets in Australia and the United States. Adrik's short stories have been published all over the world, in places such as Aurealis Magazine, OUTStanding & Transmundane Press. He also has two erotic vampire novellas with

Pride Publishing.


Adrik is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community with a vested interest in his community culture. He also works as a copywriter and editor with Sydney's Queer Screen, hosts of the Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival and the Queer Screen Film Festival. He identifies as gay but doesn’t mind being called queer, and happily lives in Sydney with his husband, Carl De Villa. You can find him on InstagramFacebook and his website.

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Darko Lungulov

Darko is an internationally award winning Serbian writer, director and producer. He holds a BFA in Film and Video from CCNY and is a PhD candidate in dramaturgy at the University of Belgrade. His debut feature film Here and There won awards at more than 50 international film festivals and was critically acclaimed, including by The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and The New York Times. Here and There, released in over 21 countries, is one of the earliest Netflix streamed films (2010-2012). It currently streams on Prime.


Darko’s dark comedy, Monument to Michael Jackson (2014) had its World premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Festival where it received critical acclaim, including from Variety. The film was picked up by HBO Eastern Europe.


Darko co-wrote and was a directing consultant on Mirjana Karanović’s A Good Wife. The film was an official entry in the Sundance Film Festival (2016) and screened throughout 40 international festivals, winning numerous awards.


Darko directed two seasons of The Suspects, a TV series for Serbian national television RTS and the “Andjela” episode of the children’s human rights series, Equals, which screened at the Sarajevo International Film Festival. Darko’s feature music documentary and docu-TV series on the 50+ year long career of the legendary Yugoslav/Serbian rock band YU Grupa (Yu-band), which Darko is directing and producing, is currently in post-production and due to be released in 2022. Darko is also co-producing and co-directing the documentary, The Best Goalkeeper in the World, which is due for release in 2022.


Select Awards:

Escape (documentary/director) - Audience Award, Hamptons IFF (screened at IDFA (International Documentary Film Amsterdam).

Here and There (writer/director)- Best New York Narrative Award, Tribeca Film Festival; Best Directing, Swiss Cinema Tous Ecrans Festival & International Critics Award -Prix FiPRESCi de la Critique internationale; Special Jury award, Skip City International Film Festival in Japan; Best Director, FIPRESCI Serbia & Fort Lauderdale IFF; Best Foreign Film, Orlando International Film Festival & Variety Critics Selection “Europe Now", Karlovy Vary.

Monument to Michael Jackson (writer/director)- Best Eastern European Award, Santa Barbara IFF, 2015; Grand Prix, Nashville IFF.

A Good Wife (co-writer) - Best Feature Film, International Trieste Film Festival; Grand Prix, Montenegro Film Festival; Best Script, Vologda VOICES Festival; Grand Jury Award, A l’Est du nouveau festival, Ruen

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Douglas B. Robbins

Douglas Robbins is a documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, and storyteller. His works explore the afterlife, the origins of evil, and our psychological predisposition toward self-delusion.


He holds an A.B. in Philosophy from UC Berkeley and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

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MArk Siegel

Mark was fascinated with special effects from when he was a child and he would sculpt and build models of monsters, dinosaurs and spaceships. Mark studied theatre and performed as a clown, leading to his work to help create and run the monster makeup show, “The Land of a Thousand Faces” at the Universal Studios Tour.

Mark worked for LA creature shops with his work appearing in numerous films, including Star Trek the Motion Picture, David Lynch’s Dune, Ghostbusters and Poltergeist II. He then worked at ILM’s Model Shop on films such as Ghostbusters II, Dragonheart, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, and several Star Wars films.

From 2002, Mark worked at ILM’s Digital Model Shop on films including Pirates of the Caribbean II & III, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Rango. Mark’s children’s science-fiction short story, “The Biggest Show on Mars”, was published in CRICKET magazine.

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